How many worlds can fit in a classroom?

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Tatiana Surer has an eight-year experience teaching classes in large language schools. Both large and traditional, we might say.

When Tatiana started flying around the world, she was already “piloting” her private lessons. It was during this experience that she realized what, later, would become the essence of Mundus: different minds learn in different ways.

People have different goals and, therefore, need different methods and paths to acquire knowledge.

With that insight and her unique cultural background, she founded Mundus Language Consulting. Tatiana believes that each person demands a method and, therefore, each student should have access to special content.

In addition to the culture and the amount of resources she offers during the process of learning a new language, acculturing customers has also become the essence of the business.

That is how Mundus was born: from the desire to teach languages guided by individuality and customization.

The content and conversations during the meetings are designed in a way that the student leaves the classes not only speaking another language, but always having something to say in another language.

It is always good to have something to say.

PhD in Linguistic Studies from UNESP and specialist in teaching German as a foreign language from Ludwig-Maximilian-Universität München and Goethe Institute, she has been working in language teaching for 15 years.

After a lot of work in the field, both in Brazil and Austria, the experience led Tatiana Surer to found Mundus Language Consulting in 2020.

Unlike a language school, Mundus offers personalized and tailor-made services, designed to meet the specific needs of each client.

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