Learn a language in a personalized way

Ensino do alemão - Aulas individuais

Individual or small-group classes

German teaching

Speak the language of a European economic power. The language that will open doors for you in large companies worldwide.

Ensino do português - Aulas individuais

Individual or small-group classes

Portuguese teaching

Speak one of the most charming and musical languages. The language of samba, "Garota de Ipanema", Fernando Pessoa and so many other songs and writers.

Aculturação - Aulas individuais

Individual or small-group classes

Intercultural competence

As language and culture are inextricably linked, our classes do not lack cultural aspects of the countries that we focus on.

We are more than a language school



Our role is to facilitate the path towards learning the new language, so that all students achieve their goals. Classes are individual or in groups of a maximum of 5 people.
In the business world, cultural differences can cause different types of misunderstandings. Our goal is to make work flow well between cultures.

For your


Language consulting

Linguistic services to companies operating outside their national market. We offer solutions, such as translations of corporate material and workshops on cultural adaptation, to the Austrian and Brazilian business world.
Consultoria linguística - Mundus
Traduções Mundus


Translations of private or corporate documents, advertising materials for companies or individuals (non-certified translation).

Who approves it

I have known Tatiana since I live in Vienna. And I recently took the preparatory course for the ÖSD Integration Exam B1 with her and I felt prepared for it.
Tatiana has a highly effective teaching method and she is very patient. In our first class, she understood my needs and soon directed our lessons to what I would need for the exam. She gives the entire teaching base the student needs, in addition to offering study materials and online support through zoom, for example. I am sure that the course was essential for me to get the certificate, especially because I was at the end of pregnancy, with a small child at home and did not have much time to study, so I can say that the classes I had with Tatiana were enough for me to succeed in the exam I took in March 2020 at the VHS Institute at Floridsdorf. I am grateful for all the attention and affection she had with me. That is why I recommend the course to everyone who needs to take this exam.

Edna Tarkus

Classes with teacher Tati are always very dynamic, she brings current situations to better exemplify the theme of the books, and she adapts everything to the reality of my professional and personal life. She has extensive knowledge of the language, its exceptions, and also of Austrian and German regional particularities, which make classes interesting and relaxed. That’s why I always recommend her to my friends and managers, as they also need flexibility and a more personalized lesson plan due to our profession.

Jailson Satler

Learning German has never been part of my personal or professional plans, although I am extremely interested in foreign languages. However, an opportunity to visit Austria sparked my interest in the language. Teacher Tatiana Surer showed me, at the same time, the beauty and the rationality of a language that is seen by many of us, Portuguese speakers, as difficult, tough, and almost impossible to speak. In addition to teaching the language itself, in a very communicative way, she taught me many cultural aspects of Austria and other German-speaking countries. I am a Brazilian who lives in Brazil and her classes aroused my interest in experiencing Austria’s language and culture, so in 2018 I spent a month there studying and sightseeing. I don’t want to stop studying it anymore.

Aline Fernandes

I have German classes with Tatiana, and she has been amazing! The way she teaches is amazingly simple and didactic, and she is always attentive to my difficulties, in addition to being extremely dedicated and organized! I am making great progress in the language with her help.

Carolina Nunes

Tatiana is an excellent teacher, very dedicated, responsible, and committed to the evolution of her students’ learning. She was my German teacher and today she is my daughters’ Portuguese teacher. I highly recommend Tatiana!

Vanessa Paiva

Teacher Tatiana’s classes are helping me a lot to understand German grammar. I’ve taken other courses here in Austria, but I still had difficulties when it came to grammar. It got even more fun to study German. When I don’t understand it, she explains in Portuguese! I’m very grateful.

Roberta Moreira

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This is a class for us to get to know each other, set your goals and identify your language level. This lesson can last from 30 to 45 minutes.
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